Founded in 1963, in the city of Santo André, and currently located in Mogi Mirim, metropolitan region of Campinas; Metal 2 serves the largest national and international industries in the automotive, agricultural, energytic, among others sectors, manufacturing aluminum products, die-casting and sand molding, machined in CNC machining centers.


Its customers' designs are developed by reliable solutions in parts and devices, using NX12 software technology, guaranteeing the technical specifications established. The company also follows the quality management system, IATF-16949 and continuous improvement programs such as Kaizen and 6 Sigma.


Metal 2 also has metrology laboratories equipped with three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines (CMM), physical, chemical, metallographic and fluoroscopic (X-ray) analysis equipment, guaranteeing the quality of services provided in the most demanding international standards.


Develop solutions with high technological content in casting and machining of aluminum parts at competitive prices, focusing on profitability and socio-environmental sustainability.


Be a leading global competitor, producing aluminum parts, cast and machined for the most varied applications.


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